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We salute you and say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

To whom it may concern,

I would like to take the opportunity to say a HUGE thanks to all the staff at Stepping Stone Hospice Alberton for all their kindness, love and humanity that they have shown us over the past few years that we have had dealings with them.

My late husband’s godfather, Mr James Murray, has terminal lymphatic cancer as well as prostate cancer, and has been in and out of hospice care for quite some time now. Tragically, in August last year, I lost my own husband at the age of 46 and the staff at hospice took the time to console me and my two sons through our difficult time. The patience and understanding and pure empathy that they have shown all our family at different stages of difficulty in life can never be expressed enough with the simple words of “THANK YOU.”

We have also known four other people who have passed whilst in the care of Stepping Stone Hospice and I can personally vouch that the families of each person have made mention of special thanks to hospice for the kindness and care that they and their loved ones received from hospice.

I would like to make special thanks to Freeman Hlongwane, who I consider a huge benefit to hospice. Freeman is a naturally gifted counsellor and has talked us through many a tough time. He is kind and understanding and patient, and aware of each individual family member’s feelings and needs at that specific time. Freeman is extremely well mannered and is a great gift to humanity. He takes everything in his stride and makes the best of every situation and is able to put everyone at ease when things get tough. Our family feels extremely blessed to have him be a part of our journey.

I would also like to make special thanks to Levi, who has also spent a lot of time with our family through our rough times. Levi Sebetola, at his young age, shows huge potential and is always willing to please and do what it necessary. He is a very well-mannered young man and with further development will be a great asset to hospice.

Special thanks and praise to Tersia and Sheryl, who run a very tight ship and carry the name of Stepping Stone Hospice with great pride and privilege. They always have their patients’ needs as their priority and are always reachable and approachable – so a big thank you for their time and effort that they put into their work. For them it is not a job but a passion, which sometimes comes with a lot of personal sacrifice.

So, to Stepping Stone Hospice Alberton, we salute you and say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

Kind regards
Kelly Brummer and family, and the Murray family