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To the most awesome people in the world

My Dad (Jack Gericke) was admitted to Stepping Stone on Father’s day. He was very ill and had a lot of pain, and he passed away on 26 June 2017.

We can’t describe the heartache to have lost him – he was our Father, our Hero, our last surviving parent, but we know God took him to spare him from the pain he went through, and we accept that, as that was the best for him, but it does not take away the pain and emptiness we feel without him.

We want to thank all of you at Stepping Stone for what you did for him. Even though we could not pay for your services, you treated him with respect, dignity and love, helped him where you could, made his pain bearable, everyone gave their love, their respect and their help to us and to him. The way he was treated by each and every one was amazing; so much care and love although you hardly knew him. We cannot thank you all enough for the hugs, the comforting conversations, just everything. There is not enough words to say thank you.

We cried, we worried, but now and then someone even made us laugh with a remark or story, thanks. We could not have asked for better care for him for his last days on earth, and without all the staff at Stepping Stone, he would not have had this. Please thank each and every one.

Thanks for calling us when you saw he was on his last, giving us the change to be with him when he gave his last breath. Thanks for covering his bed in the most beautiful linen for his last journey and also for the respect shown when he was fetched by GBA.

We will never forget your support, love and help.

THANKS, with all our love

Jack Gericke (JNR, son) Marinda van den Berg (Daughter)