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Maude Pickup

Dear Sr. Sheryl and all, without exception, at Stepping Stone Hospice

As you know, Maude, my beloved mom-in-law, great friend, beloved mother and greatest friend of my wife Tracey and son Neil and favourite granny of both Tracey’s and Neil’s children, was called to Heaven, home of the Almighty Father our Lord, at midnight today. Here her soul will live forever in the Peace of His Kingdom.

Maude, by His will and with your kind assistance and understanding of her needs, facilitated her short stay at what I can only describe as a heavenly departure lounge for those in a physical state, less fortunate than that of ourselves.

The mail serves to record our most sincere and most profound THANK YOU to you and to one and all at Stepping Stone Hospice for all which was done to ensure mom’s stay was not only comfortable, tranquil and peaceful but most certainly it was showered with untold abundance of love, care, passion, sympathy and understanding not only for Maude but certainly to us as the immediate family in particular Maude’s children Tracey and her brother Neil. For us and surely for Maude, Stepping Stone Hospice was like walking into and experiencing what we believe to be a taste, of what we can expect it to be in Heaven! Stepping Stone can best be described as the Departure Lounge to Heaven!

Allow me to mention that the night staff Lisa, Lizzie, Nozi and Patrick were incredible last night, right until the moment (and very sad) moment of truth and even afterwards until we left the hospice. Now whilst I may have singled them out, I hasten to state that the day shift were also incredible in their own way and had they been on night shift, I am sure they would have done exactly the same as those individuals mentioned above.

All the above said, I am sure that by now our message is clear as it is simply one which records our heartfelt and unconditional appreciation and gratitude for everything which was done for Mrs Maude Pickup, mom, granny and a friend loved by all. May she Rest in Peace.

Thank you and be Blessed with all which is good, divine, blessed and may you continue to do what you do in the name of love, care and passion.

Best Regards
Joe, Tracey, Michael and Kyle Viede, as well as Neil, Tracey, Brandon and Sean Pickup.