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To our dear Stepping Stone family,

To our dear Stepping Stone family,

Firstly I want to apologize, as English is my second language and my pronunciation might not be correct but that is not what this is about – it is about a young mother saying goodbye to her children, grandchildren, friends and family… Oh, and food (you will understand this as I move on)…

Our dearest mom was always in love with eating – anything sweet, savory etc, and Mom would be happy. I will never forget having tea with Mom and having some of the cake she bought or food she cooked. Today I miss those more than ever!

During Mom’s 6-month battle against a very advanced (and for lack of a better word – UGLY) lung cancer, she lost some of her appetite (due to medications, etc). When she ate well it felt like a feast and we all celebrated together.

Other times it was not that good, but that is to be expected with cancer.

During Mom’s last stay in hospice, she just wanted junk food, especially McDonald’s. This made Mom’s day – actually her last 4 days.

Miracles do not always come in big packages wrapped in bows or a last wish to travel somewhere (please do not get me wrong, as this is just as wonderful). Our mother’s last wishes came in the form of McDonald’s burgers, family gathering at hospice, reading the bible together, having a cup of tea, rubbing her back when she was out of breath, saying our goodbyes and honouring her wishes of letting her go with dignity.

This was the biggest gift to our mom – never once did the medical staff, caregivers etc complain and as mom got weaker they even brought her a portable toilet, as she felt very strong about losing any dignity.

Thank you hospice for allowing her children and family to be with her. Thank you for lighting a candle for her when she passed and entered the next stage of her eternal life. Thank you for making a difference!

Please support this organization. They do incredible work. We love you!

Chantel Pienaar

Caption: Dedicated to our beautiful mother who was taken from us much too soon. May you find peace and rest with the family. One day we will be together again.
Rest in Peace – Ouma Hankie (14-02-2016)