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Alberton LewenSentrum thanks Stepping Stone Hospice staff

Connie Seekoei, speaking on behalf of the Alberton LewenSentrum, told the staff in attendance that he likens Stepping Stone Hospice to the well-known song ‘Bridge over Troubled Water’ as they provide a bridge of support, peace and love for people to cross over to the other side.

Stepping Stone Hospice CEO, Tersia Burger, thanked Connie and Marti van Zyl, who organised the Outreach, as well as the other Alberton LewenSentrum members that were there serving soup, offering communion and handing out tokens of appreciation, for taking the time to come and acknowledge “the angels at our hospice.”

Caption: Alberton LewenSentrum’s Connie Seekoei addresses the team at Stepping Stone Hospice.