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Stepping Stone Hospice CEO

“We wanted to have this ceremony in the hospice gardens, simply because this was my late and only daughter, Vicky’s, final wish, that I should start a hospice in Alberton. I felt that this was the only place where she could be with us on this wonderful occasion.”

On the 6th October 2016, the couple celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary and they both agree, the success to a happy marriage is friendship and mutual respect.

“I was a single mom with a 17-year old daughter when I met Danie, himself a single father with three children. At first I was a little sceptic at whether the relationship could last, but our love for each other saw us through many difficult times, especially Vicky’s illness and her passing in January 2013,” says Tersia.

Tersia’s adopted son Reuben Mpandwe, conducted the blessings at the ceremony. Between the couple they have 11 grandchildren and according to Tersia, “this was the first time that all the children and grandchildren were in the same country at the same time, which made this just so much more special,” she says.

Hospice CEO Tersia Burger and husband Danie, renewing their vows surrounded by family and friends.