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Thank you for your continued love and support

On the 22nd of January 2013 we opened our bank account with a donation of R650 from a 12-year-old Connor Hendry, whose parents were dear friends of Vicky’s.

In March 2013 we were provided with a small office by AMCARE. We did not have office furniture and sat on donated commodes.

In June 2013, as a result of Trix talking to El-Marie Meyer (who delivered 2nd hand clothing to Trixs’ house) we were blessed with a building on the AMCARE premises, donated by Afripanel. On the 9th of October 2013 we had the official opening of the 3 bed In-Patient-Unit of Stepping Stone Hospice.

Today, a mere three years later, we have a staff of 8 qualified palliative trained registered nurses; 4 staff nurses; 11 auxiliary nurses; 35 care workers, 6 psychosocial councillors; 7 administrative staff and 32 volunteers. The in-Patient-Unit has been extended to 8 rooms.

Although preserving life is a central goal of medicine, in the end, death is an unavoidable outcome. Over the past 3 years and 10 months we have cared for more than 900 patients of which just over 800 have passed away, our youngest patient being 11 years old.

With no Government funding or subsidies, raising the money to meet the cost of providing care is our biggest challenge. We are grateful for the incredible generosity of good friends in our community who support us. We extend our most sincere thanks to all of our donor/supporters who form an integral part of our continued sustainability and success. We are more committed than ever to maintaining and expanding our services. We cannot do this work without our donors. We will continue to honour their commitment to us by developing and maintaining quality programmes to support those who are facing their final journey and those who care for them and mourn their loss.

We wish to thank our wonderful patients and families, for their continued trust, loyalty, confidence, love and support. They are our reason for existing. Thank you for trusting us at the most vulnerable time in your lives.

I wish to acknowledge the Stepping Stone Hospice team for their consummate professionalism and passion for caring for our patients. Their loyalty and support has been unwavering. We are no longer the little Hospice we gave birth too but a much larger, professional and efficient organisation that is acknowledged by our peer organisations as a “new generation” hospice It is an honour and privilege to serve the community of Alberton. Thank you for your love and support.