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Brian Richards

Dear Tersia

Our world is now starting to get back to some form of normality and whilst we all have our very sad days and miss Brian tremendously we have all started moving forward and tackling every day one day at a time.

November to February went by as a whirlwind as we tried to understand why Brian was so ill and then, once we found out that he had cancer, how best to support him and his brave decisions over the remaining four weeks we were privileged to spend with him. We were blessed to have a son who embraced this terrible illness and bravely faced his last few weeks in a positive way and making sure that his bucket list was ticked off and that his family was OK.

As you are aware we were totally lost until Sheryl arrived at his Mom’s house and that same afternoon he was booked into Hospice and within four hours he had no more back pain. This meant so much to him and we will never understand why the Doctors and Specialists could not have offered the same relief as Hospice did.

After spending so much time in Hospitals we were flabbergasted in the way the extended family and Brian was treated with so much care, concern and empathy and your entire team always made us feel welcome no matter what time of day or night. Although being gravely ill Brian’s quality of life changed from the first day he met the Hospice team and he was able to draw up his bucket list and tick them off. The Hospice Lapa was indeed his favourite place and he spent many hours out there with his friends and family.

Brian formed a special bond with Sheryl and her chats and advice and open questions really allowed Brian to come to peace with the fact that he had a very limited amount of time with us. The Bush weekend allowed us all to be together and the chats the family had with Sheryl helped us through this very difficult time.

The Lego shopping excursion allowed Brian to tick another item off his list which meant so much to him. We were then able to get him home and with Engela’s expertise and care he spent the remaining days at home where he really wanted to be. Our family would just like to express our appreciation for everything you and your staff did for Brian and our extended family. The staff showed a real care for Brian and went out of their way to help him no matter what the request was.

Thank you Tersia, Sheryl and Engela for being so special and taking care of Brian in such a wonderful way. You all really made a difference in Brian’s life and we are forever grateful to you.

Kind Regards
Tony, Sonia and Kiara Richards

* PS. We have today deposited an amount of R5000 as a donation which I am sure that you will put to good use.