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Hospital bed makes a difference

Both Daleen and her husband, Gary are unwavering in their faith and belief that God has a plan for their lives. Gary works full day whilst a care-giver, Maureen, looks after Daleen. But in the evenings and night-time Gary cooks, cleans, reads and prays with Daleen.

Daleen’s sister Anja, has started a fundraising platform for Daleen on the Back-a-Buddy group. “Stepping Stone Hospice kindly donated an electric wheelchair to us. I’m hoping to raise enough funds so that we can get a vehicle in which Daleen can be transported to and from hospitals, doctors, maybe just sometimes an outing. She spends her life in her room, and it cannot be good for her spirit,” Anja explains.

If you would like to donate to the Daleen Dyer fund, please click on the link, www.backabuddy.co.za/daleen-dyer. For more information, please contact Anja on 083 357 6559

Caption: Elmarie van den Berg here with Daleen and Stepping Stone Hospice community sister, Sr Margi Bollman.