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Debbie to spend time with family

On Tuesday 10 May, Debby was discharged from the In-Patient Unit, saying that the incredible “Coffee for Debby event” has lifted her spirits to the extent that she wanted to “fight to get better. This, and of course the amazing care, love and comfort I received from each and every one at Stepping Stone Hospice,” Debby says.

With her husband of 22 years, John, they lived an adventurous life, mostly as sailors and yachtsmen on the seas and oceans of the world. But it all came to a shocking halt in Puerto Rico last year when a lung biopsy was done on Debby and she was diagnosed lung cancer. The couple moved back to South Africa to be with their daughter, Geraldine, grandchildren and the rest of their family.

When Debby checked into Stepping Stone Hospice, she could hardly breathe and suffered from severe panic attacks. “With the help, care and guidance of the staff, and especially Sr Sheryl Newman, my pain and symptoms as well as the panic attacks are now under control. I’m comfortable to go home and be in my family environment, knowing that I can come back to hospice whenever it will be needed. “

John laughingly explains that he has undergone a “very quick apprenticeship in male nursing” as he was taught by staff how to help Debby cope with her symptoms. And yes, she says, “he is my very own McGyver”.

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