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Extensions to IPU

Through hard work and a community who opened their hearts to this cause, and of course a dedicated team of cyclists competing in the 947 Momentum Cycle Challenge last year, funds were raised to enable Stepping Stone to start the groundwork for the extension. The new addition will include two more dignity rooms for long-term patients, a counselling room and an office for medical staff.

Hospice offers its services to anyone who has had a diagnosis of a life-limiting illness that cannot be cured, irrespective of their social, cultural, spiritual, financial or religious points of view or standing.

Patients admitted as in-patients to the IPU are cared for by Palliative Care Specialists, who in turn are supported by a team of health professionals – nurses, a physiotherapist, a psychologist and a social worker. Trained volunteers are also in attendance for the patients and their loved ones who need their support.

“We are extremely grateful for all the support,” says Stepping Stone CEO, Tersia Burger. “The impact of life-limiting illnesses such as cancer is huge and without care such as what hospice offers, the impact on the patient and the families can be even more devastating.”

“It is a fact that one out of three families in modern time is affected by the impact of a life-limiting illness which in turn can explain the increasing demand for our services. We simply have no choice but to extend in order to help,” Tersia concludes.

CEO Tersia Burger keeping a close eye on delivery of sand – the start of the building of the extensions at the existing In-Patient Unit.

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