Hospice patient celebrates with loved ones

Louise has been a hospice patient for the past four years and recently admitted to the In-patient Unit in New Market Park. She was diagnosed with a life-threatening cancer in 2010 and underwent several chemo and radiation sessions. “I went into remission, I’m sure it was God’s plan so that I could see my grandchildren being born and growing up.”

Unfortunately lung cancer was diagnosed four years ago, leading to Louise then registering as a hospice patient. “Hospice and hospice care was the best thing happening to me,” Louise says. “I’ve made my peace and I am blessed to be surrounded by not only my wonderful family and friends, but by these caring and beautiful souls in hospice.”

Louise has 3 children, a daughter Kirsten who heads up the medical centre on a Carnival Cruise vessel, and twin sons Angus and Quintus. And not to forget her four grandchildren “who I love with all my heart,” she says. “My children grew up in a Christian home and my grandchildren are growing up in a Christian home. That’s why I’m not scared to die, I know I will meet them all in heaven one day. That is what gives me peace. “

Two weeks ago Louise finished a hand-knitted shawl she made for hospice CEO, Tersia Burger. “Tersia deserves this gift, she’s an angel, the love of my life! And when I go to heaven, I know I will see Tersia’s daughter, Vicky, there as well, and I’ll make sure to tell her what wonderful work her mom has done back here on earth.”

Louise McIntyre, now a patient at the hospice’s In-Patient Unit in New Market Park, surrounded by her loved ones, her sister Ria Erasmus (back), twin sons Quintus and Angus McIntryre and granddaughter Emma.

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