Message from our CEO…

2017 is finally drawing to an end. For some it has been a long year filled with profound sadness and loss. Many families in our community will face a ‘First Christmas’ without their loved ones.

Stepping Stone Hospice, too, experienced a difficult year – probably the most trying in our history. Yet, we also realise that there is so much to be grateful for.

Because of the generosity of our community and the hard work of our fundraising team, we were able to continue caring for the terminally ill in our community and their families. Your contributions have helped make Stepping Stone Hospice one of the leading hospices. We are so grateful to you for helping to support not only our committed clinical team, but also the support staff. You have helped us touch the lives of thousands.

In 2016, we started our Brick-by-Brick Project. The money raised has been set aside to help us realise our dream of a Hospice Village – an extension of our current facilities to help accommodate more patients in need, including adolescent patients and their families. We have encountered some unforeseen obstacles and red tape along the way, but our vision remains the same and we continue to look for the best possible solution for our planned extension to become a reality.

Doing the work we do, we realize that ‘time’ is an especially precious commodity. Time is something our patients don’t have. I wish we could give them time, but that is out of our hands. We are, however, able to give them quality of life. We understand that every person we care for is a unique individual with a lifetime of experiences, relationships and gifts to share. Hospice brings comfort, dignity and peace to help people live every moment of life to the fullest, leaving loved ones with memories they can treasure.

Speaking of time, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our unsung heroes – our volunteers, who give selflessly of their time all year long.

During this season of joy and giving, please remember those amongst us that are sad. Reach out to the lonely, the sick, the dying… Spare a thought for those that will have one final Christmas with their loved ones and for our wonderful nurses who will be spending Christmas caring for our patients.

We know that 2018 will bring with it all-new challenges, but we look forward to our sixth year of caring and delivering exceptional service to our community.

So, from our homes to yours, we send you warm wishes of wellbeing over the festive season. It is our sincere wish that 2018 be filled with compassion, love, laughter and good health.

Much love,

Tersia Burger, CEO Stepping Stone Hospice & Care Services

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