January 2021

The lucky winner of the 1st prize of a whopping R20 000 is Kidz and Crayonz Pre-School (Ticket number 1617) Kindly donated their winnings back.
2nd prize: R2000: Karen Eeles (Ticket no 1125)
3rd prize: R1000: Riaan Van Staden (Ticket no 1003)
4th prize: R500: Maria Araujo (Ticket no 1046) Kindly donated her winnings back.
5th prize: R500: Celia Glanz (Ticket no 1217) Kindly donated her winnings back.
6th prize: R500: Ava-Maè Peterson (Ticket no 2950)
7th prize: R500: Adri Oosthuizen (Ticket no 1142)

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